Sloan Supports United Nations on World Water Day

Sloan has supported the United Nations in its efforts on World Water Day 2018 to focus attention on the importance of water.

The theme of the event was Nature for Water, exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges the planet is faced with as damaged ecosystems have contributed to 2.1 billion people living without safe drinking water.

The Royal flushometer from Sloan was invented in 1906 as a water savings device, conserving almost 50 percent of water use when compared to common flushing devices of that time. Sloan has continued to invent more water-saving fixtures and fittings throughout the last 112 years including waterless urinals, dual flush flushometers, reclaimed flushometers and sensor faucets. Sloan commercial product lines reduces the strain on stressed freshwater resources and have helped save billions of gallons of potable water.

“At Sloan, we recognize that freshwater shortages due to pollution, drought or over withdrawal are a serious epidemic all around the world,” says Patrick Boyle, Sloan director of corporate sustainability. “We’re proud to support the United Nations today and every day through our work with reclaimed water and advancing water stewardship and water conservation.”

Sustainable Development Goal Six of the United Nations is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to safe water by 2030, with an emphasis on protecting the natural environment and reducing pollution. The Sloan product lineup of flush valves, fixtures and faucets work to make that goal a reality, and are ideal for new construction or any retrofit projects to save thousands of gallons of potable water each year.

Committed to creating water-saving solutions in the commercial restroom, Sloan flushometers, urinals and faucets are leading to water savings of up to 30 percent, and in the case of waterfree urinals, eliminating water use altogether.

For more information on its products and 112-year history of water conservation, visit the Sloan website.

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