Smart LED Bulbs Feature Milky Finish

Bulbrite has announced the expansion of its smart lighting line, Bulbrite Solana Smart LED Bulbs, with the launch of two styles, Milky Globe and Milky A19. With the addition of the full-glass milky finishes to the original collection, Bulbrite is now able to offer a design and ambiance option that is geared towards customers who prefer the aesthetics of a frosted bulb.

Bulbrite expands its Solana Smart LED Bulbs line with the Milky Globe and Milky A19 styles.
Bulbrite expands its Solana Smart LED Bulbs line with the Milky Globe and Milky A19 styles.

Last July, Bulbrite debuted Bulbrite Solana, which consists of both general service and decorative LED filament bulbs in a variety of shapes and finishes that integrate the benefits of smart technology into its designs. Today, the bulbs in the collection range from 500-800 Lumens at full brightness corresponding to 40W and 60W wattage equivalents, with color temperatures of 2200K-6500K, and are now available in 14 SKUS that include A19s, both in tunable white and color changing bulbs, G25s, ST18s and a BR30.

The collection is expanding to bring the milky finish to the smart bulb market, by removing the collar to enable the full-glass enclosure to mimic traditional incandescent ones. This design feature differs from its clear glass counterparts due to the diffused light it can project. Stylistically, the milky finishes offer a translucent light that accentuates gold metals or mid-century modern fixtures. Additional key features and benefits of the Bulbrite Solana collection:

  • Scene setting and scheduling: To help offer tailored lighting for any moment of the day. These features, along with dimming and color tuning can be manually controlled through an app, and can even be used with both Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant.
  • User-Friendly Setup + Control: Bulbrite Solana Smart LED bulbs can replace any regular bulb, with no installation required and no need to purchase additional hubs or hardware. All that’s needed is the bulb, a Wi-Fi connection, and a phone to access the app!
  • Style Versatility: Whether going for a vintage look with a modern twist or wanting to add a pop of color from a spectrum of millions, Bulbrite Solana Smart LED bulbs can be curated to fit lighting decor needs.

With the collection expansion, the Bulbrite Solana Smart LED Bulb collection now includes Title 20 compliant bulbs, which allows for national availability, including the state of California. The line can be purchased at your nearest lighting showroom, on select E-commerce sites, as well as at other partner retailers. The Bulbrite Solana App can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Gather more information about Bulbrite Solana Smart LED Bulbs and all of the Bulbrite innovations here.

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