Solar Panels Boast Greater Lifetime Performance

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced 60- and 72-cell LG NeON 2 “L5” series solar modules designed to provide greater lifetime performance through higher efficiency and improved technical characteristics for residential, industrial and utility-scale applications compared to the previous model.

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced 60- and 72-cell LG NeON 2 “L5” series solar modules for residential, industrial and utility-scale applications.

The L5 LG NeON 2 Black follows the summer launch of the N5 LG NeON 2 solar panel, which reduces the white space between cells while keeping the traditional industry format of 60 cells using larger wafers. The L5 Black 60-cell model incorporates an improved power class of up to 350W for sleek all-black backsheet modules with a 20.0 percent efficiency.* It features a temperature coefficient of -0.35 percent/C ** and a tempered glass with high transmission anti-reflective coating. Much like the N5 Black model, the L5 Black is being introduced in a uniform frame size that is consistent across both NeON 2 and NeON R product classes for greater operational efficiency.

In addition to the new 60-cell L5 panel, LG is introducing an updated LG NeON 2 (L5) 72-cell model, for commercial installations, a new module that is now available up to 425W. NeON 2 panels offer higher efficiency by design with double-sided cell structure power generation that absorbs sunlight both from the front and from the rear of the module. 72-cell modules can be made with either a white backsheet for optimized front-side performance, or a transparent backsheet for overall greater system yield. Its flexible design also makes it easier to manage space when installing a large-scale system without sacrificing energy output.

As with all LG NeON panels, these new modules are covered by LG’s Triple 25-year Warranty that includes low degradation performance that guarantees over 90 percent nameplate capacity after 25 years, product and limited labor reimbursement—all backed by a single company, which simplifies and streamlines long-term ownership and operation of solar arrays with LG L5 series modules.

*Compared to 335W output and 19.6 percent efficiency for NeON 2 (V5) Black models.
**Compared to -0.36 percent/C for NeON 2 (V5) Black models

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