Sto Corp. Website Enhances User Experience

Sto Corp. has rolled out its new website at www.stocorp.com for online visitors. The site is engaging, easy to use, and optimized for mobile users. New tools and informative content ensures an enhanced user experience and provides access to the information that is required to incorporate the appropriate Sto products into project specifications.

New features include a StoColor Tool, Sto Texture Tool, a redesigned Documentation Center, Distributor Map, and Site Search, a Home Page showcasing Sto’s capabilities, improved Product Pages, an enhanced Project Gallery, upgraded Video Gallery and a News & Updates section that includes Sto News, ARCHITRENDS blog posts, press releases and articles by Sto contributors published in trade magazines. Initial feedback from users so far has been positive.

“We realize that our stakeholders require quick access to today’s range of Sto’s capabilities while also gaining exposure to next-generation wall systems, insulation and coatings that can be tailored to their needs,” claims Kevin MacKinnon, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Sto.

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