Strategic Partnership Simplifies Material Sampling Process

Teknoflor has established a strategic partnership with Material Bank, a material marketplace for the architecture and design industry.

By combining technology and logistics, Material Bank is a way for design professionals to search and sample materials on a single platform. Members can utilize its platform to discover and order materials until midnight (ET) and receive samples in a single box by 10:30 AM the next day.

“Material Bank is a key solution that not only simplifies the material sampling process but increases the efficiency of service for our customers,” says Ellie Priester, director of marketing for Teknoflor.  “Teknoflor has been known for its high-level sampling and customer service teams for decades, and we believe this will help both teams excel with recent and future growth.”

This partnership is a key element to the brand’s initiative to advance both sample ordering and marketing processes as well as connect to clients in the digital space.

Teknoflor products are now live on the Material Bank site.

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