Submeters Track Real-time Energy Usage in Commercial and Industrial Environments

Leviton has expanded its revenue-grade line of VerifEye submeters with the addition of the Series 3300 and Series 3500 models. Featuring advanced communication protocols, these accurate 0.5 percent accuracy-class kWh/demand meters enable tracking, monitoring and verification of real-time energy usage in commercial and industrial environments. Both meters deliver universal voltage performance and easily integrate with building management systems.

Ideal for typical 3-phase, 3-wire (Delta) and 3-phase, 4-wire (WYE) circuits applications, VerifEye Series 3300 and 3500 provide kVA, kVAR, PF and per-phase voltage mea­surements. Both models feature time of use (TOU) readings and a user-friendly LCD display which provides quick, easy visualization of power status and signal strength. The meters are designed for installation in facilities seeking to implement a comprehensive energy management program where the ability to benchmark, load shed, allocate costs and efficiently bill tenants, as well as comply with green building programs and government mandates, is desirable.

The Series 3300 meter uses RS-485 and Modbus RTU integration for easy configuration to BACNet MS/TP building automation system networks. The Ethernet-enabled Series 3500 provides easy configuration for Modbus TCP/IP building automation systems. Both models come standard with an isolated pulse output for an additional communication capability. Their seamless integration with Leviton’s BillSuite software, third-party billing systems, as well as utility company gas, steam and water meters provides a comprehensive system for implementing facility-wide energy management and cost reduction programs.

Leviton VerifEye submeters are also available in single-phase (Series 1000) and three-phase (Series 2000) versions in steel and NEMA 4X enclosures. The Series 1000 and Series 2000 submeters measure kilowatt hour consumption and demand. For applications requiring higher levels of output metrics, Series 3000 smart meters provide instantaneous power, voltage, amperage, wattage, volt-ampere reactive (VAR) and volt-ampere (VA) per phase measurements.

Leviton Mini Meter submeters afford a cost-effective option for measuring energy consumption. The meters are available in wired, wireless and IP versions to meet site-specific needs and afford contractor-friendly installation in new construction and retrofit environments. They are UL Listed, cULus and ANSI C12.1 certified. For more information, visit www.leviton.com/verifeye.


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