TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors Receive Cash Back Through Pro Rewards Program

TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors are now receiving 1 percent cash back on their purchase price of qualifying products with no limits on how much they can earn. The cash back Pro Rewards program from TAMKO will run through all of 2018.

“We value the loyalty of TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors and respect the work they do; turning houses into homes, bringing quality and protection by providing a TAMKO roof,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TAMKO, Stephen McNally.

Cash back through the 2018 Pro Rewards program gives TAMKO Pro Certified Contractors options for spending their rewards. Once TAMKO Pros reach a minimum 1,000-square purchase of qualifying products, the 1 percent cash back kicks-in for those purchases and all future qualifying purchases including qualified accessories. And contractors can redeem the rewards with ease.

Qualifying products for the program include TAMKO Heritage; Heritage Premium; Heritage Woodgate; Heritage Vintage laminated asphalt shingles; MetalWorks steel shingles; TAMKO Hip & Ridge; TAMKO 7- & 10-inch Starter; Moisture Guard; TW Underlayment; Synthetic Guard; Synthetic GuardPlus; CoolRidge; Rapid Ridge; Roll Vent and XTractor Vent XLP Turbo.

Visit the website to learn more about TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor program and the Pro Rewards program.

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