Tandus Flooring Renews CarbonFree Product Certification

Tandus Flooring, a manufacturer of commercial floorcoverings, headquartered in Dalton, Ga., has renewed its commitment to offer customers the option to offset the greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions of its hybrid resilient and modular product lines. This program, offered jointly by Carbonfund.org Foundation and NSF International, ensures Tandus Flooring has taken a very measured approach to make certain its CarbonFree Certified product offerings are conducted responsibly through a third-party certification process, producing meaningful results in decreasing the overall level of its GHG emissions.

Tandus Flooring renewed its CarbonFree product certification by conducting extensive product life-cycle assessments (LCAs) to determine its products’ per unit carbon footprint. Now in its fourth year, Tandus Flooring’s CarbonFree Flooring program allows customers the option to purchase their products as carbon neutral. Carbon offset credits are purchased to neutralize the GHGs associated with the product’s life cycle. Carbon offset credits purchased in the program are “retired” so the carbon is essentially eliminated from use. Through the program, Tandus Flooring has provided CarbonFree products to customers, such as Google, Bank of America, National Life Group, NV Energy, Stanford University, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the state of Vermont.

“Many companies are looking for ways to reduce the climate impact of their products and operations,” says Lynn Preston, technical environmental manager, Tandus Flooring. “Tandus Flooring’s Carbonfree Flooring program demonstrates our commitment to take action against global warming and provides customers with a convenient, credible means to decrease the environmental impact of their purchase.”

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