Tile of Spain Reveals New Products

The CEVISAMA 2016 show featured nearly 200 Spanish tile companies.

The CEVISAMA 2016 show featured nearly 200 Spanish tile companies.

CEVISAMA 2016, the International Ceramic Tile Fair, took place at the Feria Valencia center in Spain. The Spanish tile industry continues to be a vibrant leader in the ceramic industry and sales are on the rise yet again. Spain has grown its tile exports, further solidifying their leadership position at the forefront of technology and design. As a result, Spain is currently Europe’s leading ceramic tile producer, and the second largest exporter at worldwide level.

In 2015, Spain’s ceramic tile sector sales grew by 6 percent, totaling 3.07 billion euros. Exports to the U.S. increased by 40 percent over 2014, accounting for 6 percent of total exports. The U.S. is fourth in the top 10 markets for Spanish ceramic, totaling nearly 134 million euros.

The CEVISAMA 2016 show featured nearly 200 Spanish tile companies. Some of the new product highlights from Tile of Spain include:

  • Alttoglass: The glass mosaic company showcases their use digital ink jet technology to reproduce designs, such as wood and gems on opaque tiles. All mosaics are manufactured from 100 percent recycled glass and work as a versatile solution for walls and floors.
  • Alea: The boutique glazing company presents high-shine metallic finishes for wall tiles in copper, gold and silver to create textures for contemporary environments with technical performance.
  • Aparici: Three series from Aparici are on display. The Carpet series features two tonalities—Vestige and Sand to imitate the warmth and beauty that rugs bring into the home. The Polar series acts as decoration and balance in organic and minimalistic spaces. Last, the Terre series reinvents traditional terracotta floors by creating a new and elegant rectangular format in all porcelain.
  • Azulev: The Evoque series is new for CEVISAMA 2016, representing wood-looks in porcelain form. The collection is scratch and fire resistant, and will not wear. It is available in either a white or nut color in a large 20- by 120-centimeter size.
  • Ceracasa: The all-new Dolmen floor tile series is available in five colors and rectified and non-rectified options. The series comes in a polished or unpolished finishes in four different sizes to meet a variety of project needs.
  • Cevica: Pressed and decorated by hand, the all-new mini collection goes back to the roots of ceramic décor with intense colors and digital printing. The manual press allows for extraordinary reliefs in three series: Mini-Bricks, Mini-Letters and Mini-Flowers.
  • Equipe: Equipe’s new collection Kite features porcelain floor and wall tiles. Color selections are available in White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Gesso, Caramel and Taupe. They come in several decors like Patchwork Kite B&W, Arrow Grey, Arrow Beige, Century Grey and Century Beige. Available in a 10- by 30-centimeter size.
  • Ibero: The Inspire series from Ibero unleashes the power of light to create a cosmopolitan ambience. The series is available in six colors ranging from cool shades to warm hues with a soft satin finish. Rectified in a 29- by 29-centimeter size.
  • Keraben: Offering an appearance inspired by restored bricks, the new Wall Brick collection makes the walls in each room the star. The collection is available in six colors and a 30- by 90-centimeter size that is ideal for styling any commercial or residential space.
  • Peronda: The Primary series is Peronda’s star white-body wall tile collection with its broad range of decorative potential and timeless appeal. A gentle relief pattern inspired by rough plaster adds beautiful texture to collection. Available in white, bone and grey in a 32- by 90-centimeter size.
  • Realonda: The Andalusi series evokes mozarab tradition and style in a on-trend hexagon format. Twenty-eight different patterns of the 25.3- by 33-centimeter size tile are mixed into each box, so the ultimate design is in the installers’ hands.
  • Roca: The new Norfolk series from Roca Tile combines wood with cement looks, imitating a design previously only found in natural products. Its high technical performance makes it ideal for highly transited areas, and the variety of sizes and colors makes it an ideal choice for any room.
  • Saloni: Available in Matte and Gloss options, the new Carousel collection features snowy whiteness with relief textures to simulate natural geometric shapes. The collection’s large format and rectified finish create a continuous effect with almost imperceptible tile joints.
  • Tau: The new Woodstock collection is made up of porcelain tile that imitates worn, vintage wood with a combination of different sizes and shades. Available in multiple sizes and colors with either a matt or anti-slip finish.
  • Vives: The Aston collection sets out to personify the majesty and natural beauty of stone. The elegant design is available in a variety of colors, sizes and formats to adapt to any style space.

To view the winning projects, download images, plans and descriptions, visit the Tile of Spain Awards website.

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