Top 25 Products of 2021

Top 25 of 2021

Products are an integral part of any trade publication. As such, retrofit is celebrating the 25 products that received the most reader clicks on our website from October 2020 through October 2021. During that time, retrofit’s staff posted approximately 700 products to the magazine’s website, so the Top 25 are standouts.

“We consider retrofit a source for our readers to find innovative solutions and products for their own retrofit projects,” says Publisher John Riester.The Top 25 Products special in our January-February issue is a great resource to our readers, showcasing the products readers’ peers thought were most interesting within the pages of retrofit and on our website.”

In addition, at the prompting of our editorial advisory board, we asked the manufacturers to share case studies about how their top products solved a problem or achieved the desired result within a retrofit. Although many manufacturers’ products are fairly new, a few manufacturers were able to share actual retrofit projects in which their top products were specified.

Enjoy retrofit’s ninth-annual Top 25 Products!

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  1. That Marbella IS a great looking fixture. Wow!

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