Translucent Wall Panel System Features Three Glazing Options

The translucent wall panel system is available in three polycarbonate glazing options.

The translucent wall panel system is available in three polycarbonate glazing options.

Three polycarbonate glazing options are available for the LIGHTWALL 3440 interlocking translucent wall panel system from Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH), Anti-Reflective, Infrared-Blocking and Anti-Graffiti.

  • Anti-Reflective – When high-efficient light transmission is paramount for a building’s design, EXTECH offers anti-reflective polycarbonate glazing. Systems using this UV matte option facilitate a better distribution of light throughout a building’s interior, while reducing reflections and glare. This option is also ideal for entertainment venues that want to project images and lighting effects onto a translucent backdrop.
  • Infrared (IR) blocking – When high light levels and solar control are equally important, EXTECH provides polycarbonate glazing with an external surface that filters out unwanted IR and UV waves. EXTECH systems use this material to reduce solar heat gain, ensure comfortable interior temperatures, protect interior finishes from accelerated fading, reduce demand on the HVAC system and save on electric lighting costs.
  • Anti-Graffiti– When a project is in a high-traffic area and is at risk of damage or vandalism, EXTECH can enhance daylighting systems with anti-graffiti glazing that resists vandalism and scratching. Anti-graffiti glazing is also more resistant to natural weathering and typical chemicals.

In addition to these functional glazing choices, EXTECH’s LIGHTWALL systems contribute to commercial buildings’ aesthetic, performance, and sustainability goals. The LIGHTWALL system helps construction teams facing condensed schedules, and facility managers seeking low-maintenance longevity.

In addition to enhancing a building’s appearance, the LIGHTWALL 3440 meets performance specifications, including high wind loads, impact resistance, fire rating, air infiltration, water penetration, thermal (0.25 U-Factor) and structural performance. These attributes support energy efficiency and sustainability goals, such as the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating systems.

LIGHTWALL 3440 also uses insulating, 100 percent recyclable, 40 millimeter structural cellular polycarbonate and 38.95 percent recycled aluminum framing manufactured in Pittsburgh.

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