Troffers Seek to Accelerate LED Adoption

Cree CR Series LED Architectural High Efficacy troffersCree CR Series LED Architectural High Efficacy troffers

Cree CR Series LED Architectural High Efficacy troffers

Cree CR Series LED Architectural High Efficacy troffers

Continuing to build on Cree TrueWhite Technology, Cree Inc. has announced the CR Series LED Architectural High Efficacy (HE) troffer with 130 lumens per watt and 90 CRI. Cree is also raising the the efficacy of the standard CR family to 100 lumens per watt.

Cree is further expanding the CR troffer line with the new CR Series High Definition (HD) troffer, featuring 80+ CRI with enhanced color spectrum and high R9 values via Cree’s proprietary color mixing and tuning technology. The HD technology delivers higher color quality than traditional 80 CRI fluorescent troffers. The new CR Series HD troffer effectively targets applications where a slightly lower quality of light is an acceptable tradeoff for a lower initial cost.

Delivering high performance and low cost per lumen, the Cree CR Series boasts a 10-year warranty and is designed to provide a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. An innovative thermal management system and room-side heat sink enable the LEDs to consistently run cooler, providing significant boosts to lifetime, efficacy and color consistency. The new CR Series HE troffer consumes nearly 60 percent less energy than a comparable linear fluorescent 34W T12 system and nearly 50 percent less when compared to an existing 32W T8 system.

The CR Series troffer family includes three models, the CR14 1×4 troffer, CR22 2×2 troffer and CR24 2×4 troffer, is available in a wide range of color temperatures to match existing fluorescent technologies (3000K, 3500K and 4000K) and now offers new 5000K for all CR Series LED troffers. Dimming control down to 5 percent and emergency backup features also are available.


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