Two-Stage Fan-Forced Wall Heater Delivers Energy Efficiency

LPW Eco2S Automatic 2-Stage fan-forced wall heater provides primary heat for commercial spaces.

LPW Eco2S Automatic 2-Stage fan-forced wall heater provides heat for commercial spaces.

King has introduced the smart series LPW Eco2S Automatic 2-Stage fan-forced wall heater that provides heat for residential and commercial applications.

The LPW Eco2S Automatic 2-Stage fan-forced wall heater offers energy efficiency and user control of the ECO2S 2-stage electronic controller with remote. King products are manufactured in the USA and marketed by King Electrical Manufacturing Co., an electric heat manufacturing company based in Seattle.

An innovation of the LPW Eco2S heaters is the Eco2S controller that delivers energy efficiency with 2-stage heating, that automatically uses the lowest wattage needed to heat the room. Includes both fan only and timer mode options, as well as a remote control for operation. King’s dual Pic-A-Watt steel fin elements allow customers to select from a range of wattage options, tailoring the heater to an area’s specific heating requirements, up to 4500W. LPW Eco2S heaters are available in 208/240 volts, 120 volts and outputs ranging from 1250 to 4500 watts.

Additional features are:

  • Remote Control for operation
  • Wall mounted remote control holder for storage
  • Impeller style fan for maximum CFM
  • Access to elements without disturbing the wiring/controls
  • Small footprint with contemporary architectural aesthetic

LPW Eco2S heaters provide quiet operation as a result of using an impeller, which does not generate noise like fan blade vibrations. These heaters can be integrated into residential spaces, such as entryways, large family rooms and basements or commercial spaces, such as offices, conference rooms, restrooms, stock rooms and reception areas. The LPW Eco2S’s design offers efficient installation for the contractor while the performance and operation is appreciated by the end user.

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