Universal Lighting Technologies Joins Northwest Trade Ally Network

Universal Lighting Technologies Inc. recently joined the Northwest Trade Ally Network for Commercial and Industrial Lighting. Sponsored by Bonneville Power Administration with support from Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations, the network was developed to form a central hub of resources for lighting contractors. The intent is to make energy-efficient lighting more accessible throughout the Northwest region to give more value to lighting companies and their customers.

Lighting allies within the network receive several benefits, including utility incentive program information. Additionally, the network will offer workshops across the Northwest region to assist in the quantity and quality of lighting installations in both retrofit and new construction applications.

“We are seeing more and more utility programs offering rebates and incentives nationwide,” said Otto Hottendorf, Universal’s Regional Sales Manager for the Northwest region. “Through programs like the ones offered within the Northwest Trade Ally Network, we are able to provide our customers with valuable incentives to save energy and money. We’re very pleased to have been selected for this alliance.”

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