Valspar Offers New Continuing Education Course, Color Matters

The Valspar Corp. offers “Color Matters: The Relationship Between Color and Pigments in Architectural Coatings,” a new continuing education course. Registered members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) who successfully complete the online course may earn 1.0 Learning Unit with Continuing Education Systems (CES).

“The perception of color is informed by a culture and its symbolism, from food and fashion to the landscape, structures, raw materials and light. Color forecasting identifies the newest trends in color that are drawn from these underlying influences and provides an ongoing resource of inspiration for designers and architects,” said James Sherwood, Valspar’s architectural business development manager. “We are excited to share this course with the architectural community as it demonstrates the importance of color in the built environment, not only in specific industries and building types, but also to the people who benefit from these colorful spaces.”

The relationship between color and pigments will be explained, including how pigments can affect color performance in architectural coatings. ASTM performance test methods will be described to foster a deeper understanding of the effect that exposure has on pigments and color retention. AAMA specifications will be addressed to help architects in selecting the correct pigments for optimal form and function in a project.

Valspar’s “Color Matters” is presented by Hanley Wood LLC, a registered provider with the AIA/CES. This informative program is available online at ArchitectCEUniversity.com and at HanleyWoodUniversity.com. The June issue of McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record magazine and online Continuing Education Center feature a similar 1.0 LU course, “Talking Color.” Visitors to Valspar’s AIA booth #3618 booth also will have the opportunity to earn 0.25 Learning Units with an Expo Chat. AIA-registered architects are required to complete a total of 18 Learning Units in a calendar year. Online courses offer a convenient method for earning credits and acquiring new knowledge.

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