Ventilation System Distributes Conditioned Air Through Interior Walls and Ceilings

Tjernlund Products Inc.'s AireShare ventilation systemTjernlund Products Inc.'s AireShare ventilation system

Tjernlund Products Inc.'s AireShare ventilation system

Tjernlund Products Inc.’s AireShare ventilation system

A unique system designed to distribute heated or cooled air for greater comfort, energy savings and ventilation rates from room-to-room through interior walls or level-to-level through floors/ceilings is available from Tjernlund Products Inc., a manufacturer of ventilation equipment.

The AireShare transfer fans provide an unobtrusive, cost-effective way to circulate heated or cooled air from fireplaces, stoves, electric baseboards, split system “ductless” A/C and window A/C units to adjacent rooms. The net result is extended comfortable living space from existing heating or cooling equipment.

AireShare transfer fans are available for two types of installations: horizontal air flow through stud walls and vertical air flow through floor/ceilings.

All AireShare transfer fans feature a low profile, whisper-quiet intake blower and unobtrusive grilles.

With Room-to-Room models, the blower draws heated or cooled air into an open wall cavity and distributes it to an adjoining room through a streamlined air diffuser installed on the opposite side of the wall. The intake blower and diffuser can be located high or low in the wall for air flow control and optimum comfort. Room-to-Room models are available for plug-in and hard-wired installation.

The Level-to-Level model moves air up or down from one level to another through a sleeve that adjusts to floor joist/truss thicknesses from 8 3/4 inches to 16 1/2 inches.

Installation of AireShare transfer fans requires cutouts for the blower and diffuser, as well as electrical connection. Transfer fans can be thermostatically controlled to maintain desired room temperature.


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