Versatex Brand Ambassador Program Relays Feedback From Builders

Brendan O’Sullivan is the first online representative of the Versatex Brand Ambassador Program.

Brendan O’Sullivan is the first online representative of the Versatex Brand Ambassador Program.

He’s helping residential contractors answer the age-old question, “Who do you trust?” And, at the same time, he’s relaying unfiltered feedback from builders to a materials manufacturer with an ear for the marketplace.

He’s Brendan O’Sullivan of Keystone Home Remodeling in Norristown, Pa., the first online representative of the Versatex Brand Ambassador Program. Mr. O’Sullivan, a second-generation home remodeler and general contractor, has built an Instagram following among the U.S. residential builder/contractor community at @thekeystonecarpenter, with stories like his recent house-flip saga, “Flipadelphia.”

His mission: helping Versatex stay abreast of market needs and trends via live social media coverage that tracks the experiences of builders working with the product; innovative tips and tricks from the field; and uncensored conversations among industry stakeholders.

“Brendan’s an influencer,” says Rick Kapres, sales V.P. at Versatex Building Products LLC. “He’s got close to 10,000 followers keeping up with his remodeling practice and engaging with him as he shares and solicits information about projects and business strategies. We’re confident that, through the Brand Ambassador program, we’ll continue to solidify our reputation as a trustworthy partner.”

“We enlisted him because he’s the real thing—a building-trade professional with a grasp on social media’s potential for making life easier for contractors, distributors, and manufacturers like us. We hope to hear voices and ideas that we’ve never heard before.”

Mr. Kapres compares the potential of the Ambassador Program with the proven impact of the Versatex Contractor Council, a forum for industry dialog that has facilitated product improvements and customer relations since 2011.

Mr. O’Sullivan kicked off his ambassadorship at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla.

On a related note, Mr. Kapres points out that Versatex remains committed to customer-relations approaches, and is expanding its team of market development specialists (MDS). He says the company has hired 14 regional MDS in the past 12 months, most recently:

  • Matt Baumeister, Northeastern Florida
  • Eric Berarducci, Northern Michigan
  • Weiss Froogh, Northern New Jersey
  • Billy Gierszewski, Fargo, N.D.
  • Nate Hansen, Louisville, Ken.
  • Scott Matthews, Northern Virginia
  • Dan Schooley, Columbus, Ohio
  • Les Templeton, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Ricardo Torres, Cape Cod, Mass.

These new hires bring the total sales force to 40 members.

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