Vinyl Floor Planks and Tiles Feature Magnetic Backing

Architectural Systems' Magnetic Floor SystemArchitectural Systems' Magnetic Floor System

Architectural Systems' Magnetic Floor System

Architectural Systems’ Magnetic Floor System

Featuring magnetic-backed luxury vinyl floor planks and tiles that simulate wood grains, natural stone and carpet tiles, floors can now change as quickly as the times. The ASI Magnetic Floor System is a new collection with a quick and simple installation process with a wide variety of global?inspired, playful patterns and colorways.

The collection allows for choice and creativity. The innovative material is a solution?based product offering ease of maintenance, cost?effective price point and durability in high traffic spaces.

Architectural Systems Inc. is an international distributor of architectural and sustainable materials for commercial interiors. Materials are streamlined into five categories: ASI Wood Panels, ASI Flooring, ASI Decorative Surfaces, ASI Specialty Products and ASI Display and Furniture.


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