Wall Cladding Fabricator Unveils New Brand Identity

One of the nation’s leading wall cladding fabricators unveils a new brand identity celebrating the culture of expertise built over the company’s 37-year history. Founded by Ted Miller and David Clapperton, MillerClapperton is built on a solid reputation of exceptional skill and competence as well as a commitment to complete every project with excellence. Today, MillerClapperton produces more than a million square feet of exterior wall cladding per year and is the specialty sub-contractor of choice for general contractors and architects alike.

In 2015, recognizing the increasing need for reduced shipping costs for West Coast customers as well as a greater need for more in-person project management services on the East Coast and Midwest, the decision was made to expand the company’s presence nationally. The company established a new fabrication facility in Arizona (MillerClapperton West) and new service locations in Virginia (MillerClapperton Mid-Atlantic) and Minnesota (MillerClapperton Midwest). With these additions, MillerClapperton transformed itself into a company with a true national presence poised to leverage its new locations for the benefit of its customers.

“We felt like a new brand identity was appropriate and well timed with the addition of our new manufacturing facility in Mesa, AZ, MillerClapperton West, and our two (2) new offices in MillerClapperton Mid-Atlantic and Midwest,” said Zeke Miller, president of MillerClapperton.

The brand identity updating for MillerClapperton included a new logo, a name change and a refresh of their website. “What’s great about this new branding is that it’s positioning MillerClapperton for outstanding national growth in the years to come,” said MillerClapperton Marketing Director Andrea Smith. “There’s something emboldening and refreshing about updating your look and feel to match your new strategic mindset. It says to us internally and says to the world externally: ‘take note, this is who we are now.’”


The new logo’s shape suggests a new commercial building under construction and is a fresh take on MillerClapperton’s prior logo, which represented the company for several years. The fluid shape gives the feeling of the iconic and complex construction projects MillerClapperton has become known for. The rectangular images play up the action of panels being expertly added to a new commercial building. The blue and green colors have always been a part of MillerClapperton logos of the past, so the company has kept those colors to carry on that heritage: blue representing a solid, professional foundation – particularly the ability to stay cool yet perform with remarkable excellence under pressure – and green representing MillerClapperton’s new growth, innovation and the company’s commitment to staying relevant in the industry.

Regarding the new logo, Founding Partner Dave Clapperton says “it not only represents the process that we go through to deliver our high quality offering, but it also represents the integration of future systems into our offering. I’m most proud of what MillerClapperton has become, but I’m even more proud of the industry professional employees that make us the highly recognized leader in the industry that we’re known as.”


In conjunction with the launch of its new logo, MillerClapperton has also introduced a refresh of their name. The company was formerly called The Miller-Clapperton Partnership Inc. and is now simply called MillerClapperton. “We’ve embraced the name that the industry and our customers call us,” said Zane Miller, vice president of MillerClapperton, “however, we’re still the same experts on wall cladding products and systems who provide exceptional service and professionalism. That hasn’t changed at all.”

Clapperton agrees with Zane Miller: “Over the years we have worked hard to offer excellent service above and beyond the industry standards. To learn from our mistakes. To take advantage of technology. To be innovative in the way we enhance our product offering and the customer experience. We’ve worked continuously to offer cutting edge products, systems and engineering to ensure that our customer and this industry can rely upon us to be their experts. They know they can come to us for the current code compliance, engineering and fabrication techniques needed in order to ensure their building’s best performance.”


The company’s new website, which was designed to serve as a central resource for information on the products and services MillerClapperton provides, can be viewed at www.millerclapperton.com. The website now includes brochures, color charts, details and technical info that architects and general contractors alike are often looking for.

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