Wallcoverings Association Develops Sample Book of Materials

To help specifiers and students learn more about wallcoverings, the Wallcoverings Association and its members have developed a tri-fold sample book that includes samples of various wallcoverings materials, information on available backings, and suggestions for common applications. These are available to interior design professionals and students.
When should you specify a Type II wallcovering versus a Type III?  What’s the difference between Osnaburg and non-woven backing? How can you distinguish a mylar from a foil wallpaper?  The design community asked their questions and the Wallcoverings Association answered in this educational piece. The Sample Book showcases every major type of wallcovering including vinyls, natural materials, textiles, wallpapers, dry erase, acoustical, fiberglass and glass beads. Backings such as Osnaburg, non-woven, scrim, drill and paper are featured, along with explanations for when they are used.
To obtain a sample book, contact a Wallcoverings Association member company, go to this web page or call (312) 321-5166. Supplies are limited.

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