Weather Shield Appoints President and Executive Vice President of the Company

The Weather Shield Mfg. Inc. board of directors announced the immediate appointments of Mark Schield as president and Kevin Schield as executive vice president of the company, succeeding their father, Edward “Lee” Schield, who founded the company 60 years ago. Lee had been serving as president and chairman of the company until the announcement. He will continue to serve on the board of directors, and be active with marketing and purchasing matters.

“Our priority will be the continued focus of exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, innovation and service,” says Mark Schield. “Weather Shield looks forward to a bright future, ensuring ways to maintain our truly unique, long-standing position in the marketplace.”

As president, Mark will be responsible for leading the company’s strategic direction and financial objectives; and meeting the needs of customers, employees and the communities where the company does business.

Kevin Schield, as executive vice president, will direct the company’s daily operations to maximize performance, ensure healthy working environments and surpass customers’ expectations.

“By leveraging Weather Shield’s strengths—quality products, a dedicated customer network, and a dependable and resolute workforce, we have emerged from the worst economic downturn in the housing industry since the Great Depression,” says Lee while announcing the leadership change to employees. “Many companies did not come through the 8-year decline intact or financially sound. I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all who have worked hard to make this remarkable accomplishment possible.”

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