Whitehead & Associates and MiaSolé Partner to Sell Solar Modules

Whitehead & Associates Inc., a power and energy solutions and services company that provides a wide range of custom electrical applications, and MiaSolé have entered into a sales representative agreement. Whitehead & Associates will sell MiaSolé FLEX modules in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Whitehead & Associates services virtually every branch of the electrical industry, including the electric utility, commercial and industrial, large power users, and all lighting markets. Established in 1968, Whitehead & Associates has more than 45 years of rock-solid results and reputation to bolster their portfolio of offerings.

Whitehead & Associates will sell MiaSolé FLEX modules, the most efficient thin-film lightweight flexible modules on the market today—with an efficiency rating of more than 16 percent—generating the most power possible. The FLEX-02 Series module is available in two formats. The FLEX-02W module is 39.3 by 102.3 inches and is rated at 360 watts, and designed for low-slope commercial single-ply roof systems. The FLEX-02N module is 14.6 by 102.3 inches and is rated at 120 watts, and designed specifically for standing-seam metal roofs. Both FLEX-02 Series modules bond to the roof surface with a simple peel-and-stick adhesive. This adhesive approach eliminates the need for racking and reduces labor and logistics cost to provide a 20 percent lower BOS cost than traditional glass solar systems. The FLEX-02 Series module is IEC 61646 & IEC 61730 and UL 1703 certified.

“This is an exciting engagement for Whitehead & Associates to represent MiaSolé FLEX modules,” says Scott Whitehead, president at Whitehead & Associates. “This high-performance solar roofing in such a lightweight form can serve a variety of markets, including commercial, industrial, auto and off-grid. Whitehead & Associates will continue to bring innovative products and value to our customers so they can maximize energy efficiency in a cost-effective manner.”

The FLEX-02 module provides Whitehead & Associates’ customers significant benefits. The low weight of the module (less than 0.7 pounds per square foot) allows installation on roofs that cannot support the weight of traditional glass solar panels. Because the FLEX-02 panels adhere directly to the roof surface, there are no penetrations, eliminating the worry of leakage and damage to valuable contents within the building. The FLEX-02 also is aesthetically pleasing, blending into metal and TPO roofs and preserving the original look of the roof. The low-profile FLEX-02 module provides superior wind resistance and a seismic advantage over traditional rack-and-panel systems where their higher profile increases the likelihood of damage in a hurricane or earthquake.

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