Window Film: The Key to Ensuring Employee Happiness, Productivity, Safety and Comfort

Uncomfortably warm office spaces. Chilly conference rooms. Sun glare on computer screens. There are a number of ways windows and the light streaming through office windows may be affecting employees’ work environments.

Did you know that how you treat windows can have an impact on employees’ happiness and productivity? Consider a professional installation of window film. Here’s why:

Window Film

With complete window replacement out of the question for many because of high costs, loss of use of space during tear-out and installation, and inconvenience to employees or tenants, window film is a great retrofit alternative. A thin sheet of film containing multiple layers of coating professionally installed on existing windows, window film comes in various shades, from dark colorations to nearly clear. Depending on the size of the office space, a full installation can be done in just a matter of hours or a few days with little to no impact on worker productivity.

Window film also comes with a long list of benefits for employees and business owners. Here a few:

Benefits For Your Employees
Office windows may only be blocking 25 percent of UV rays from passing through and coming in contact with employees. A professional installation of window film can block up to 99 percent of UV rays, helping prevent cumulative skin damage, premature wrinkling and even skin cancer. Moreover, window film may reduce damage to art, rugs and furniture caused by prolonged UV exposure.

When it comes to protecting employees’ eyes from damage and excessive strain, the UV reduction certainly helps. And by opting for filmed glass, employees will not need to move their computers away from the sunshine or squint to see content on their screens.

Finally, and perhaps one of the best benefits for employees or tenants, is window film’s ability to help better regulate indoor temperatures. By stopping more than 80 percent of solar energy from coming through the windows, window film can help reduce the number of hot and cold spots in the facility. Some window films can even help keep room heat in during winter months, as well.

After a professional installation, employees with window views will be thankful for the noticeable change in their overall comfort levels.

Benefits For Business Owners
While business owners certainly want to provide a comfortable, inviting work environment for employees, they’re also likely concerned with what window film offers to a business or building owner.

Window film can deliver seven times the energy savings benefits per dollar spent when compared with full window replacement. That means more money in an owner’s pocket while still making the needed improvement.

Window film can also help offer a boost to an office’s energy efficiency. By reducing solar heat gain and better regulating indoor temperatures, owners may save a great deal on utility bills.

Lastly, security and safety window films can even provide an extra level of security for employees and an office space. By helping to hold shattered glass fragments in place upon impact, security window film can be a helpful deterrence against damage or loss caused by glass breakage, whether from natural events like bad weather or from manmade events like acts of terrorism or attempted intrusion through windows.

Keep Them Happy

Remember, opting for a happy, healthy and safe work environment for employees will go a long way. By protecting them from UV rays and boosting their comfort levels and reducing hot and cool spots, window film can help business owners keep their employees happy!

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Darrell Smith
Darrell Smith is the executive director of the International Window Film Association, an industry body of window film dealers, distributors, and manufacturers that facilitates the growth of the window film industry though the use of education, research, advocacy and consumer awareness.

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