Window Is Thermally Intelligent

Kawneer’s Traco division's AA5450 Series WindowKawneer’s Traco division's AA5450 Series Window

Kawneer’s Traco division's AA5450 Series Window

Kawneer’s Traco division’s AA5450 Series Window

Kawneer’s Traco division has expanded its OptiQ Ultra Thermal Window offering with the introduction of the new AA5450 Series Window. Now available in single- and double-hung configurations, including a matching fixed option, OptiQ Ultra Thermal Windows deliver best-in-class thermal performance and offer more aesthetic choices for new and retrofit construction. The result of a continuing partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, the AA5450 Series leverages the groundbreaking design features and customization options found in the successful projecting and casement OptiQ Ultra Thermal Windows. This thermal intelligence allows the AA5450 Series to maintain thermal continuity, reduce thermal transmission and help maintain interior comfort.

In addition to superior thermal performance, the single- and double-hung AA5450 Series Window meets or exceeds the minimum requirements for Architectural Window performance class, including life-cycle testing. The AA5450 Series provides the ability to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirements.

A polyamide thermal break allows OptiQ Ultra Thermal Windows to achieve higher thermal performance than the traditional style thermal breaks. Performance is further enhanced by accommodating 1-inch double pane or 1 1/2-inch triple pane insulating glass, while the alignment of the insulating glass unit (IGU) with the thermal break allows the window to maintain thermal continuity. Made from aluminum, the windows will never rot, warp or buckle due to moisture and weather exposure, and they attain outstanding condensation resistance, which is ideal for healthcare and education applications where condensation and mold are significant concerns.

The AA5450 Series Window features a 4 5/8-inch frame depth and its minimal sightlines offer superior aesthetics. A dual color option offers the flexibility to vary interior and exterior finishes, enabling designers to coordinate and accent multiple environments. And, with the addition of the AA5450 Series Window, OptiQ Ultra Thermal Windows are available with expanded configuration options, including fixed, single hung, double hung, projecting and casement.


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