Windows and Doors System Features Patent-Pending Frame Design

Marvin Modern features a high-density fiberglass exterior, an aluminum interior and a patent-pending frame design.
Marvin Modern features a high-density fiberglass exterior, an aluminum interior and a patent-pending frame design.

Marvin Modern is a system of windows, doors and options that enable architects and builders to execute modern design projects. Its proprietary high-density fiberglass exterior, aluminum interior and patent-pending frame design delivers thermal and structural performance; enabling strength at large sizes, narrow sight lines and long lifespans. The product line is the result of research with modern architects and builders, testing and cross-industry collaboration.

The Marvin Modern product line offers thermal and structural performance, as verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and the Window & Door Manufacturers Association. The strength of the product line can be attributed to the construction of its fiberglass exterior and patent-pending frame design.

All of the product frames maintain a less-than-3-inch sightline. This minimal visual disturbance is upheld even when individual panes are mulled together to create a large window wall.

Its high-density fiberglass exterior and aluminum interiors provide a clean aesthetic and are available in a curated palette of colors: ebony, bronze, anodized/silver, gunmetal and stone white, with the ability to split finishes on interior and exterior. These finishes are paired with intentionally selected options and hardware, which feature details that uphold modern architecture principles. Marvin Modern products have a lower gloss on the aluminum interior, a black spacer bar and black sealant to minimize visual distraction while enhancing natural light remaining true to pure modern aesthetics.

Marvin Windows and Doors’ design of products, processes and services is driven by empathy and a customer-first mentality. As a result, Marvin Modern is an end-to-end solution that fulfills customer expectations at all points of the process from sales, to delivery, to installation and support.

Support for this product line includes tools to help educate and envision the product before purchase, including 3D models in formats that are in demand from architects.

All orders will include product weights throughout the process to help builders plan safe handling, as well as special packaging and preserve film on the glass to prevent damage in transit. Lift points and strapping will be included with larger units to assist with machine-aided lifting and transporting. Each Marvin Modern product will be delivered with a tailored kit that includes instructions, hardware, touch-up paint and all of the accessories needed for installation. When combined with configured components, having important parts and extra pieces on-hand and packaged helps increase productivity and organization on the project site.

Finally, should any questions arise during the order, shipping or installation process, Marvin Modern customers will have direct access to a dedicated product expert for ongoing support.

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