Wirelessly Control Lighting and Monitor Usage

Enlighted Inc. combines sensor technology, big data analytics and advanced building controls into a single system that not only drives savings, but also introduces new intelligence for business-wide efficiencies. The first application of this technology is Enlighted Lighting Control, which customizes workspace lighting levels according to occupant preferences and energy-efficiency goals.

Easily attached into ceiling light fixtures, each Enlighted device controls lighting, collects environmental and occupancy data within the 10 by 10 workspace beneath it and wirelessly feeds the data back to a central server. Fully interoperable with other building systems, this people-centric data can be leveraged to maximize energy conservation, better understand building traffic patterns and participate in demand response programs.

Some of the key benefits of Enlighted include:

  • The Enlighted device connects to a light fixture in minutes. Enlighted places no burdens on a building’s wireless network, and a network crash cannot bring Enlighted down. With Enlighted, there is no single point of failure and no mesh mess.
  • Enlighted is easily deployed in any type of building, including office spaces, warehouses, laboratories, parking garages and datacenters.
  • Customers log into the Enlighted Energy Manager desktop interface to access real-time reports and data that can be used, for example, to improve space utilization, schedule conference rooms, control peak power, and supplement safety and security systems.
  • Enlighted environmental data is easily shared among control systems via a Building Management System such that temperature and occupancy information for personal workspaces can be used for demand response and to fine-tune HVAC.
  • Enlighted devices can collaborate to establish an ambient mood within a single room or operate independently to create personalized workspaces. Building managers and employees easily set performance parameters for a device through Enlighted Energy Manager.
  • Enlighted allows building operators to alter the mood and use of a space without calling an electrician. Typical lighting and building control systems require not only a lengthy, pre-installation design phase to make lighting decisions up-front, but also, with complex dependencies on other systems, many parts, and/or miles of new cable, repurposing workspaces can be cost-prohibitive and too disruptive to even consider.


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