Woodgrain Millwork Acquires an Exterior Polymer Coated Lumber Company

Woodgrain Millwork, a manufacturer of doors, moldings and windows, acquires Woodguard Inc., an exterior polymer coated lumber company based in Cottage Grove, Ore. The purchase will diversify the Woodgrain product family and add an element of industry innovation. With its vertical integration of mills, manufacturing expertise and distribution network, the Woodguard product line is expected to see growth nationwide.

Woodguard introduced a patented polyethylene plastic coating process that is applied to a variety of wood products, such as closet pole, fencing, sign post and playground equipment. The Woodguard product is UV protected and has exterior as well as interior uses. The proprietary process prevents weathering and other harmful elements from penetrating the wood core. The polymer coated lumber eliminates the need for painting, or sanding and offers a 20 year limited warranty.

“We are excited about the unique value proposition that Woodguard and its products bring to our already dynamic product range. They are pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation in outdoor wood building materials. It was a natural fit to bring it into the Woodgrain product family,” Woodgrain CEO, Kelly Dame says.

“I am excited to see a company like Woodgrain who has limitless production, distribution and sales capabilities take Woodguard to its full potential,” states Don Kain, Woodguard founder.

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