Are You Working with the Worst Subfloor in North America?

Is your company working on a project that has what might be the worst subfloor in North America? That’s the starting point for a contest that Schönox has put together to shine a light on tough subfloor conditions, detail the best ways to renovate them, and provide some recognition and publicity for the companies who handle these challenging projects. “Too often the stability and condition of subfloors is overlooked in the flooring installation industry resulting in failed installations,” explains Thomas Trissl, HPS Schönox principal. “With that thought in mind, Schönox has kicked off a subfloor competition for flooring companies where they can enter projects that began with damaged, unsound subfloors and were renovated using Schönox products.”

The Schönox Worst Subfloor in North America Contest is an opportunity for any company charged with making a damaged subfloor smooth and sound to show the tough subfloor conditions that they encountered and how they renovated them using Schönox products. The Contest entries will be independently judged with first, second, and third place winners being awarded Schönox products based on the severity of the original subfloor’s condition, the skill and attention to detail taken in executing the project, and the quality of the finished subfloor. The judges for the Contest will be announced on May 26th.

Those entering the contest are asked to photograph the subfloor conditions before and after the subfloor renovation project and submit the photos, along with some project information, on its website where all of the contest details can be found. The contest runs through Dec. 15 with winners to be announced at Surfaces in 2015.

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