Affordable Energy Dashboard for Small to Midsize Properties

The InsideIQ Energy Dashboard is a customizable tool for monitoring and reporting energy and water use at any facility. Created by the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance, an international alliance of independent building automation contractors, the Energy Dashboard is scalable to support any size building, but it is especially useful for small to midsize property managers who would normally not be able to afford this type of tool to collect information about their facility. The Energy Dashboard is available from any of the 48 InsideIQ member firms, located in North America, The Netherlands and Australia.

The configurable Energy Dashboard can be set to show real-time energy use alongside historical and peak usage data for performance comparison. Screens depicting total use are available that illustrate actual and typical use on a daily, monthly or annual basis. An available Weather Bar with current and forecast weather data helps users anticipate energy use. The dashboard can also be branded with the facility operator’s name and graphic style to give it a fully customized look.

Building owners have the choice to use the InsideIQ Energy Dashboard in a variety of ways. Facility staff can monitor energy and water use from their desktops to maintain efficient operations of the facility. Or the Dashboard information may be displayed on monitors in a public area of a building to inform occupants of energy usage and savings to motivate them to conserve resources.


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