Angular Tub Is No Longer Limited to Corner Spaces

Paiova 5 by EOOSPaiova 5 by EOOS

Paiova 5 by EOOS

Paiova 5 by EOOS

A transformation in tub design, Paiova 5 by EOOS has been streamlined to fit any bathroom space. The line was originally released by Duravit in 2012 and is no longer limited to corner spaces. The tub is available in two styles: a sculptural design that expands into the room, or a built-in version for customized installation.

The tub is 22.8 inches tall, slightly lower than the standard 23.6 inches, allowing for the symbiosis of a corner bathtub and a freestanding design. Paiova 5 offers a modern bathing experience by pairing geometric forms with Bluetooth and LED technology.

Backrests can be equipped with a Combi-L whirl system featuring flat swivel jets to generate a massaging effect, while variations in rim size offer shelving possibilities—all adding to the personalized experience Paiova 5 achieves. With two different backrest slopes, Paiova 5 gives the choice between an ergonomic sitting position and a flat reclining position, allowing bathers to share the bathtub or relax alone.


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