APA Publishes Straight-Line Wind Damage Assessment Report

In March, passing storms produced high-speed, straight-line winds in excess of 100 mph that resulted in damage to several homes in Rockwall, Texas, just outside of Fort Worth. APA sent a damage assessment team to the area immediately following the storms in an effort to gain ground-level observations and develop recommendations for the home building industry. The team’s findings are detailed in a report published by the Association.

APA representatives found that much of the damage discovered along the storm path could have been prevented. Building failures were attributed to inadequate and improperly installed roof attachments, failures of the roof-to-wall connection, lack of wall rigidity, moisture intrusion, failure in façade attachment, and lack of large plate washers.

A structure’s ability to withstand high wind forces depends upon adherence to the building codes. Improved performance can also be gained through careful connection detailing that assures continuity in the load path.

Download Texas Straight-Line Wind Damage Assessment Report, Form SP-1182, which includes an analysis of observed damages and images of the affected residences, from the APA website.

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