Aquatherm Releases a Design and Planning Guide and Parts Guide

Aquatherm North America has announced the release of the “Aquatherm Design & Planning Guide” and its companion piece, the “Aquatherm Parts Guide”. The guides replace the previous version of the Aquatherm North America catalog, with the parts guide offering a complete listing of all standard Aquatherm parts and the “Aquatherm Design & Planning Guide” (DPG) delivering updated information on all aspects of designing piping systems using North America’s polypropylene piping system.

Both guides feature updated product information, including the its piping offering, Aquatherm Blue Pipe SDR 9, and other information for designing and ordering Aquatherm pipe and products. The guides are available in digital form online and hard copies are available via Aquatherm representatives or regional sales managers.

“We have been working to update these support guides and are excited to offer customers this new format,” says Aquatherm Vice President of marketing Barry Campbell. “Now engineers and designers can access information in the design guide, and estimators and others involved in the ordering process can use the parts guide to find what they need.”

Digital versions of both guides are an important part of this update.

“While hard copies of the guides are available, we encourage customers to use the digital version as it is always the most updated version,” says Campbell.

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