Belimo Launches Online Resources, Product Selection Tool for HVAC Replacement Solutions

Belimo is pleased to announce the RetroFIT+ program, which helps customers maximize building efficiency and contribute to a greener future.

RetroFIT+ is the next iteration of the Belimo retrofit program, which offers online resources, including a product selection tool, as well as personal support that provide quick and easy access to HVAC replacement solutions for actuators, valves, and sensors. Replacement solutions ensure the HVAC systems function reliably with the proper control of hydronic loops and air distribution. They also boost the performance and efficiency of building systems, enhance comfort levels, reduce carbon emissions, and can deliver significant energy savings.

There are three levels to the RetroFIT+ program: maximizing building efficiency by updating the entire HVAC system, and thereby realizing the biggest savings and efficiencies; replacing some older equipment with newer, innovative products, thus increasing occupant comfort while also achieving significant energy savings; and lastly, conducting quick and easy fixes, such as checking the measurement of relevant parameters and recommissioning HVAC systems and devices to ensure they are optimized for the building’s current state.

“Belimo products offer a wonderful opportunity to maximize an existing building’s efficiency and ensure healthy indoor air for occupants,” states Daniel Caldwell, business manager, RetroFIT+ at Belimo Americas. “Among these are the Belimo Energy Valve and Belimo Room Sensors. The Energy Valve provides transparency into hydronic loops so customers can see how their systems distribute energy, where they’re wasting that energy, and even optimize that energy consumption. Our Room Sensors provide reliable and accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, dew point and CO2 and, with Near Field Communications, allow for quick data access, field adjustments, commissioning, and troubleshooting.”

Caldwell continues: “Belimo does not stand still. These products are examples of how we continue to innovate and provide industry-leading resources that have a great impact on building efficiency and energy consumption, especially in retrofit projects.”

Customers interested in discovering how to identify and prioritize the best solution for their building should contact their local Belimo representative at the appropriate website below.

United States and Latin America:  www.belimo.us

Canada: www.belimo.ca

Brazil: www.belimo.com.br

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