Bocchi USA Partners with Bailey Sales & Associates to Support Growth

Bocchi USA has announced the addition of Bailey Sales & Associates to support the expansion of its presence in the Pacific Northwest territory.

Bailey Sales & Associates was incorporated in 1956 and the company serves as a sales, marketing, and service agency for manufacturers in the commercial, residential and HVAC market segments. Geographic coverage includes Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

“We are pleased to continue the expansion of the Bocchi USA product line throughout the United States and look forward to reaching new consumers through our partnership with Bailey Sales & Associates,” says Akgun Seckiner, president of Bocchi USA. “Our strong growth during 2018 indicated that adding a sales presence in the Pacific Northwest territory was instrumental in meeting demand in that market. We identified Bailey Sales as a strong partner for us and are excited to expand the growth in this geographic area.”

“Our many years of experience within the Fireclay market provide us with insight of where the Bocchi brand fits in our region. We plan on capturing new market share for Bocchi immediately. The quality of this Fireclay product from the manufacturing process to distribution is superior in style, finish and color,” adds Rick Root, principal of Bailey Sales & Associates.

The Bocchi product line of fireclay kitchen sinks are designed to provide consumers with sink options that offer design, flexibility, functionality and ease of cleaning. The 100 percent fireclay sinks are made from natural, recyclable material which, due to its high temperature firing, is a durable material.  The Super Smooth Surface, Clean Plus+ technology and color choices are key features that position Bocchi USA in the kitchen and bathroom industry.

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