Cambria Fights Back Against Unfairly Traded Quartz Surface Imports from China

Cambria, a producer of America-made natural quartz surfaces, has announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission voted 5-0 in favor of Cambria’s position that the industry has suffered because of unfairly traded imports of quartz surface products from China. A victory for U.S. quartz producers, this unanimous affirmative vote on injury was the last remaining procedural hurdle before the final anti-dumping and counter-vailing duty orders can be issued later this month.

The ITC determination follows an April 2018 petition filed by Cambria, alleging that unfairly traded imports from China injured the U.S. industry.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce calculated final antidumping duty (AD) rates for imports of quartz slabs from China ranging from 265.81 percent to 336.69 percent.  In addition, the final countervailing duty (CVD) rates for imports of quartz slabs from China range from 45.32 percent to 190.99 percent.  Together, these AD/CVD duties amount to at least 311.13 percent, and up to over 500 percent, for all imports of quartz surface products from China.  Additionally, Commerce announced that the scope of the imports from China subject to the final duties include certain products allegedly made from glass. 

“This vote today finalizes the case to address the serious injury that unfair trade practices by Chinese producers and the communist Chinese dictatorship have had on the United States quartz industry,” states Marty Davis, president and CEO of Cambria.  “The Chinese government’s subsidy programs and treasury have fueled Chinese producers’ illegal dumping of product into American markets below cost, which has undermined our entire industry, taking American jobs and hurting American businesses. We welcome the final decision and commend the ITC and Department of Commerce for their hard work on these cases.  Cambria also appreciates the bipartisan support of this important trade policy issue by our two Democratic Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith and our Republican Congressman Jim Hagedorn.”

“This decision confirms that the U.S. quartz industry and its workers have been devastated by unfairly traded imports from China,” Mr. Davis adds.  “With today’s decision, the ITC is affirming that foreign governments and producers who break the laws of international trade will be held accountable.  We look forward to similar determinations on unfairly traded imports from India and Turkey and the opportunity to compete, again, on a level playing field.”

Last month, Cambria also petitioned Commerce and the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate unfairly traded products from India and Turkey after imports from those countries surged following the imposition of preliminary duties on imports from China.  Those petitions demonstrate that Indian and Turkish producers have used dumping and foreign government subsidies to gain an unfair advantage in the U.S. market.  Commerce has already initiated those cases with dumping margins that average 323.12 percent for India and 85.71 percent for Turkey, revealing that prices are far below the fair value of quartz surface products.  If both agencies make affirmative determinations, preliminary relief from Indian and Turkish imports could be imposed in October 2019, with final duties imposed in June 2020.

Cambria is represented by Schagrin Associates.

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