Construction Management Product Avoids Payroll Delays and an Inefficient Workflow

The Time Cards product tracks hours and cost codes on the jobsite.

The Time Cards product tracks hours and cost codes on the jobsite.

With the introduction of its Time Cards product, Raken targets an inefficient workflow and expands its offering in the construction field management space, offering reprieve to an industry still stuck in a paper and pencil era. Raken’s Time Cards functionality tracks hours with ease and cost codes on the jobsite while streamlining payroll in the office, improving the ease and accuracy of a construction workflow.

Payroll in the construction industry has been plagued by challenges such as relying on pencil and paper, spreadsheets, or antiquated software not intended for the industry. Payroll administrators in the office receive paper time cards, scanned time cards, Excel reports, and text messages from workers on multiple projects and are expected to compile everything into one system, typically in a single day. These challenges can cause payroll to be delayed or inaccurate which results in unhappy workers, project delays and potential litigation.

Other recent construction payroll offerings have fallen short of expectations by providing solutions that are expensive or difficult to implement. These providers typically have a pay-per-worker model which increases the cost of the solution as the size of the project and number of workers increases. Additionally, they rely on the workers themselves to submit their manpower reports, introducing a high probability of error and logistical challenges if reports are missed.

Raken Time Cards allows foremen and superintendents to track crews or individuals and split hours and cost codes through Raken’s mobile or web app. After the data is collected in the app, payroll administrators will receive all the information from their projects, including worker hours and cost codes, in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be imported into its payroll system.

Time Cards is a foray outside of the daily reporting workflow that they founded their company on over four years ago. During that time, Raken has acquired thousands of customers in over 38 countries and has been voted the #1 Daily Reporting Solution by AGC National. Raken expects that the release of Time Cards will be welcomed by their existing clients, while also increasing the size of the market for new customers. This release marks another chapter in its goal of becoming the digital toolbox that connects the field to the office.

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