Control and Monitor HVAC Variable Flow Technology for Cost Savings

NexRev Inc., a manufacturer of performance-improving energy-efficiency upgrades for standard HVAC equipment, announces a new solution, DrivePak Applied. The engineered energy reduction solution leverages variable flow technology with control and monitoring capabilities to deliver operational cost savings in large applied HVAC systems.

DrivePak Applied is a results-driven, commissioned combination of the company’s two key energy efficiency solutions: DrivePak variable flow retrofit upgrade and Freedom energy management and building automation system. Through energy-savings strategies and flexible procurement options, customers benefit from deep cost reductions by employing efficiency measures on an expanded range of applied HVAC equipment such as large chilled water and DX air handling units, chilled water pumps, chillers and cooling towers.

The guaranteed results and attractive ROI benefits of DrivePak Applied expand the company’s energy efficiency methodologies to a wider market set including commercial, industrial, municipalities, educational and healthcare. These are in addition to the retail and entertainment markets where DrivePak and Freedom already have a substantial presence.


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