Controller Makes CO2 Refrigeration Accessible for Smaller Supermarkets, Discount Stores

Small-format food retail stores now have the ability to implement CO2 refrigeration systems without excess first cost investments. Danfoss’ CO2 MiniPack Controller provides a complete pack solution that makes CO2 approachable for small-format food retailers who would like to harness its benefits, even those with little CO2 experience. With the functionality of a dedicated CO2 controller, minimal complexity and unique ease-of-use at competitive pricing, the MiniPack Controller is a flexible and accessible tool for even the most budget-conscious food retail operation.

The CO2 MiniPack Controller provides a complete pack solution that makes CO2 refrigeration technology accessible for small-format food stores.

CO2 refrigeration systems play a key role in in the fight to reduce global warming and mitigate our global climate crisis by reducing the number refrigeration systems that use HFC refrigerants. CO2 provides a low-GWP refrigeration option, but currently, CO2 systems are traditionally more costly and complex to design and operate than traditional HFC systems, slowing widespread adoption of this innovative technology. To date, only very large supermarkets have had the scale and budget to successfully implement CO2 refrigeration systems.

The MiniPack Controller addresses this barrier to entry for small-format food retail stores by leveraging large-store pack controller technologies for small-format supermarkets and discount stores.  The Danfoss CO2 MiniPack Controller uses easy-to-use parameter settings and a wizard-based set-up system to provide full CO2 booster refrigeration system control that utilizes up to five compressors.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced operational cost through energy efficiency, pack security and food safety.
  • Fast and simple setup, with no extensive CO2 knowledge needed.
  • Dedicated hardware with limited electrical panel space required.
  • Integrated design with variable-speed capacity and Bitzer Ecoline with cylinder decoupling (Danfoss control of CRII)
  • Flexibility, with easy integration into separate heating system, gas cooler and receiver control, and optional features such as heat recovery, hot gas dump, and liquid injection

Within CO2 systems, the CO2 MiniPack Controller regulates the capacity of compressors and gas coolers to produce energy savings; enables optimal fan control for maximized gas cooler performance; and communicates between smart compressors, VFDs, and supervisory store controllers via Modbus and CANBUS—all within compact hardware featuring a simple interface for seamless functionality. Lastly, the CO2 MiniPack Controller was designed to work with compatible Danfoss and—competitor—components for complete application control of CO2 systems at reduced operational costs.

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