Corian Design Updates Sample Kit Program to Advance Sustainability

Corian Design is pleased to announce recent updates to its sample kit program that help to advance sustainability and make efficient use of resources while delivering the same trusted expertise and knowledge to the company’s customers. 

The changes are two-fold and include a recycling program for returning samples to avoid landfills, as well as a move toward customized sample boxes that will better address customers’ specific design decisions on projects and enable the showcase of all three product lines together demonstrating the total Corian Design surfacing solution.

The sample kit recycling program was launched in October 2022 and provides a return shipping label to all commercial A&D customers. This prepaid label allows customers to send samples back after they’ve finished using them in their design process. Once the samples are returned, they can be recycled and repurposed. This simple process will help keep countless samples out of the waste stream, as they may have once been disposed of by customers once they were no longer needed, as well as reduce the footprint of sample libraries.

Additionally, by the end of 2022, Corian Design will launch a new branded customizable multi-material box. This box is expected to hold up to three large Endura samples and six 4×4 samples of Solid Surface or Quartz. Because these boxes will be fully customizable, they’re expected to generate less waste and provide a more streamlined, personalized experience for individual customers.

Nicole Fanandakis, Corian Design merchandising manager, discusses why the timing is right for these program changes. “The increase of hybrid work environments in recent years has amplified the need for more sustainable sampling solutions,” she says. “Large sample libraries in the office have become a thing of the past.”

With these program updates in place, Corian Design can provide a flexible, sustainable buying experience for its customers while advancing toward its sustainability goal of zero sample waste. These changes also will help DuPont make progress on their 2030 sustainability goals of innovating for good and protecting people and the planet. 

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