Countersink Features Long-lasting Carbide Tip

Amana Tool's carbide-tipped countersinkAmana Tool's carbide-tipped countersink

Amana Tool's carbide-tipped countersink

Amana Tool’s carbide-tipped countersink

Amana Tool, a manufacturer of industrial-quality carbide-tipped, solid carbide and replacement carbide cutting tools, has made available its carbide-tipped countersink with non-marring adjustable ball bearing depth stop. The new tool enables woodworkers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and deck builders to create pilot holes and varied-depth countersinks in a variety of materials without causing burnout or other marks. Carbide tips provide longer-lasting performance; smoother, cleaner cuts; and no tear-out in comparison to traditional steel countersinks.

With Amana’s carbide-tipped countersink with adjustable ball bearing depth stop, woodworkers can drill a pilot hole and tapered countersink in one step to help guide screws during project assembly. Users can adjust the depth of the pilot hole and countersink so the resulting opening is flush with the surface or recessed. The resulting countersinks can be shallow to accommodate a screw only or deeper to allow for insertion of a plug. The tool also features an opening to allow for chip evacuation in materials, including hardwood, plywood, decking material, solid surface and softwoods. Each cutting edge is manufactured from an Amana-exclusive carbide grade designed to deliver the highest quality of cut, maximum cutting efficiency prolonged tool life.


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