Daintree Networks Partners with UC Davis’ California Lighting Technology Center

Daintree Networks, a provider of open wireless smart building solutions for enterprise control and energy management, announced its affiliate partnership with UC Davis’ California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC) with the goal of advancing lighting controls.

Daintree and CLTC will collaborate on efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of networked lighting controls. The widespread adoption of energy-efficient technologies such as lighting controls will help reduce energy use. The partnership will demonstrate how open standards-based communications and controls can simplify the integration process for commercial buildings to meet California’s building energy efficiency goals.

Daintree Networks CEO Danny Yu noted, “The adoption of lighting control technology is the first step to creating smart buildings, which goes beyond lighting and includes thermostats, electrical plugs, etc. Daintree is providing the ControlScope(TM) wireless networked, open standards-based energy management and monitoring solution for lighting control. This will allow the CLTC to demonstrate the ease of system integration and illustrate energy efficiency gains through intelligent data analytics. We look forward to collaborating with the CLTC team to advance awareness of technology that helps California, and the rest of the world, to simply and effectively comply with as well as exceed regional energy regulations.”

CLTC is a not-for-profit research, development and demonstration facility dedicated to accelerating the development and commercialization of next-generation, energy-efficient lighting and daylighting technologies.

“CLTC works with industry partners to implement innovative, energy-saving strategies towards the development of products and practices,” said CLTC Co-director Konstantinos Papamichael. “The California Energy Commission’s 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards make adaptive lighting the new standard in California. We look forward to collaborating with Daintree Networks to demonstrate and deploy networked control systems that will increase reliability and occupant acceptance at reduced costs in California and nationwide.”

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