Dolan Hospitality to Distribute Retrofit Lighting for Hospitality and Health-care

Dolan Hospitality, a Seattle-based manufacturer of lighting for the hospitality industry, has announced it will begin distribution of Recesso Lighting, the award-winning decorative recessed lighting solution. Recesso products will be exclusively manufactured by Dolan Designs, a sister company to Dolan Hospitality, under the name Recesso Lighting by Dolan Designs.

Dolan plans to offer an expanded collection of Recesso’s designs of recessed light shades designed specifically to meet the needs of the hospitality and health-care industries. Recesso’s first products included the Converter Kit and Recesso’s patented recessed lighting fixtures (locking ring and twist on shade) all designed to transform any recessed light into a new decorative fixture.

“Dolan Hospitality understands the potential of this product in the commercial world where remodeling and regularly updating of lighting is necessary,” says Cheryl Engstrom, Recesso inventor and company founder. “We are thrilled to tap into the proven expertise of Dolan Hospitality to add new life to our ideas and significantly spur on sales of Recesso Lighting.”

“This product is perfect for the hospitality and health-care industries where remodeling is cyclical,” says Ron Leddusire, national sales manager for Dolan Hospitality. “With the ease of installation and simple twist on system, remodeling and updating a hotel lobby, guest room or common space can be done by in-house maintenance staff with no electrician. This can save a property thousands of dollars in labor alone.”

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