Doorglass Frame Line Can be Stained or Painted

ODL Inc. (ODL) has introduced additional size options in ZEEL, its the most recent advancement in doorglass frame offerings.

ZEEL doorglass frames are now available in four additional sizes.
ZEEL doorglass frames are now available in four additional sizes.

A frame designed to be stained or painted, ZEEL blends into the entry door to allow doorglass to take center stage. The low-profile look offers an alternative to flush glazed doors while providing the benefits of a frame system.

ZEEL is the result of market research conducted by ODL that revealed a gap in the doorglass frame market and a need for a streamlined option. To fill that void, ODL developed ZEEL, a doorglass frame designed for homeowners and building professionals.

In addition to incorporating a flat-profile design requested by homeowners and builders, ZEEL also boasts a number of technological advancements:

  • A clip system that eliminates the need for screws and reduces installation time
  • FiberMate Plus, a doorglass frame material made with a tested proprietary PC/ABS blend to increase durability
  • The use of Resolve sealant, a thermoset foam seal, to achieve quality applications and long-term performance

ZEEL doorglass frames are now available in four additional sizes – 22- by 48-inches, 20- by 64-inches, 8- by 80-inches and 22- by 80-inches – and can be used in conjunction with most doorglass, including the clear and decorative options offered by ODL. These additions now complete the line with all sizes across Classic, Deco and Blinds-Between-Glass (BBG) Doorglass.

ZEEL is also a frame collection that features ODL’s proprietary PC/ABS blend for durability. It comes untreated so that it can be stained or painted to perfectly match the entry to the home.

Read more information about ZEEL doorglass frames.

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