Dow Expands Availability of POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle

The Dow Chemical Co. has expanded its DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle availability. The award-winning residential roofing system protects a home like a standard shingle but also has embedded solar cells to power it.

Dow has been piloting the POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle in Colorado, Northern California and Central Texas since earlier this year, and is now doing a major expansion to bring the solar roofing system to homeowners in New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, D.C., Louisiana and Michigan.

“We’re expanding availability in strategically chosen markets where there is strong interest, where electricity costs are high, and where the market is already supporting solar through legislation and incentives,” comments Mauro Gregorio, president, Dow Energy Solutions. “These markets have motivated homeowners who are interested in finding ways to bring down their energy costs. In this case, we’re providing a novel solution using an untapped part of the home – a roof – for energy innovation.”

POWERHOUSE is offered through a network of professional roofing contractors who have become Authorized Dealers, serving the reroof and custom home market, as well as through home builders creating POWERHOUSE Solar Communities.

For homeowners needing a new roof, POWERHOUSE provides a replacement option that pays for itself, generates revenue through energy offset and adds to the value of the home.

Homebuyers purchasing and financing a new home with a POWERHOUSE roof can generate immediate savings, and be cash-flow positive from day one. In both cases, homeowners are able to reduce their overall cost of home ownership and generate unprecedented financial returns with an investment in their roof; and all while reducing their carbon footprint.

“While our authorized dealers are reinventing rooftops on existing homes with POWERHOUSE upgrades, it’s equally exciting to see the growth within our home builder partners,” comments Jane Palmieri, vice president, Dow Solar. “With the residential home building market starting to pick up and savvy homebuyers seeking smarter homes that cost less to own, it’s rewarding to work with home builders who are choosing POWERHOUSE as the ‘what next’ in smart home innovation.”

Made in the USA and backed by a 20-year performance warranty, the DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle is a dual-functioning system that is certified as a roofing and solar product. It is a complete turnkey package that includes a custom designed system for each home, the inverter to convert DC to useable AC electricity, the utility interconnection so credit is obtained for the electricity generated and a web-based monitoring system that provides real-time system performance.

A complete listing of authorized POWERHOUSE dealers and communities can be found on Dow’s website.

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