Energy Toolbase Integrates C&I Energy Storage Solution onto Its Platform

Energy Toolbase, a provider of solar and energy storage modeling and proposal software, has integrated Chint Power Systems’ (CPS) energy storage solution, a manufacturer of solar and energy storage power conversion equipment, onto its platform. The integration enables distributed energy developers to analyze the economic viability of solar + storage and standalone storage projects for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers.

“Integrating our storage solution onto the Energy Toolbase platform is all about giving our developer partners a more streamlined workflow to analyze their projects,” says Daniel Hill, the energy storage sales manager with CPS America. “This gives developers confidence to know they’re running validated storage simulations and economic analysis, which is necessary to get projects to the finish line.”

The CPS energy storage solution comes fully integrated with Pason Power’s intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS) software, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the dispatch of the system. CPS and Pason Power announced the launch of their hardware + software integration earlier this year, which was designed to foster a single-source procurement process for customers.

There is no additional cost for Energy Toolbase users to utilize the CPS integration and run storage dispatch simulations and savings analysis that are representative of how the CPS system, controlled by the Pason Power iEMS, would operate in the field.

With over 3GW installed in the U.S. market since 2009, CPS is regarded as a leader for commercial string inverters. For its turnkey energy storage solution, CPS has achieved UL 9540 certification for the 30kW/65kWh, 30kW/130kWh, and 60kW/130kWh sizes. Systems are in stock and available for shipment.

Energy Toolbase merged with Pason Power following the Pason Systems Inc. acquisition of a majority interest in Energy Toolbase. 

Energy Toolbase, CPS, and Pason Power will co-host a webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 2:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM CT to overview and demo the integration. Click here to register.

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