The Fight to Bring Back EPAct 179D Moves to the House Ways and Means Committee

With your overwhelming support, the Senate Finance Committee has included EPAct 179D in its extension legislation.

The House Ways and Means Committee begins hearings today on the 55 expiring tax provisions (EPAct 179D being one of the 55). The chairman has indicated that many of these extenders will not be included in his extension legislation.

Energy Tax Savers and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) request that you contact members of the House Ways and Means Committee to advocate for EPAct 179D to be one of the items extended.

Therefore we are asking you to do the following items:

    Read Energy Tax Savers’ suggested letter to the House Ways and Means Committee.

    Edit the letter by adding specifics about your company, how many employees you have, and how EPAct 179D has helped you become more energy efficient and/or maintain/add new jobs. Please make special reference to any projects you feel EPAct was pivotal in cost-justifying.

    Email a copy of the letter in Microsoft Word to the Ways and Means Committee.

    If by chance one of the members is your Representative or a Representative of of any of your employees, copy and paste your letter into that Representative’s submission page. If possible it is best to use a local address for these submissions.

    If you perform work in a location represented by any members of the Committee, please call them and express the importance of 179D to your business. You can also request to speak with the Legislative Assistant for Tax to discuss the importance further.

    Lastly, if you are a Twitter user please tweet @WaysandMeansGOP as well as any of the Representatives listed here. Please include #ExtendEPAct179D in your tweet.

Thank you for helping save EPAct 179D!

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