Forced Air Hydro-furnace Now Is Shipping

Navien has started shipping its latest innovation, the NPF Hydro-furnace. First announced during a virtual launch event on Sept. 26, the NPF forced air hydro-furnace is Navien’s introduction into the HVAC market.

Upflow models of the NPF are available to ship now, with horizontal models planned to start shipping in February 2024.

Available in upflow and horizontal configurations, the NPF comes in two sizes of 60,000 BTU/h and 100,000 BTU/h that both boast 97.0 percent AFUE, utilize high-efficiency ECM motor technology, and meet the stringent requirements of SCAQMD rule 1111 for Ultra-Low NOx performance.

The NPF uses Navien’s industry-proven stainless steel heat exchangers to heat water in an isolated compartment out of the airstream which provides sound-reduction and energy efficiency. The heated water is circulated through a hydronic coil which transfers the heat into the airstream for the ultimate in quiet forced-air heating comfort. The sealed combustion design allows the NPF to deliver comfortable heat without significantly impacting humidity levels at one of the quietest sound levels of any furnace on the market. Water can be supplied to the NPF either through an auto-fill 1/4-inch water connection or through an easily accessible manual fill water reservoir.

The NPF features industry leading variable capacity that can modulate down to 15 percent for an unparalleled level of comfort that allows the unit to meet year-round heating needs. Each NPF unit is field gas convertible from natural gas to liquid propane, and rated for high elevation up to 10,000 feet with factory supplied conversion kit.. An EZNav unit-mounted interface with built-in setup wizard provides easy, intuitive steps for startup, configuration, and diagnostics. Installers can set supply air temperature and airflow directly from the front panel, and the service wizard will walk contractors through component verification to aid in troubleshooting. NPF hydro-furnaces are compatible with most one- and two-stage thermostats and can be matched with any AC or heat pump system providing their own dedicated airflow selections and ramping profiles.

Upflow models of the NPF are available to ship now, with horizontal models planned to start shipping in February 2024.

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