HPS Schonox Technical Director Establishes Product Knowledge Priorities

David Stowell, the technical director with HPS Schönox, has established a series of priorities with the objective being extensive – universal Schönox product knowledge by anyone working with subfloors. “We have a full range of products to address subfloor challenges in a manner that is efficient, environmentally sound, and effective for the long term,” explains Stowell. “We need to equip installers, contractors, project owners, and specifiers with the technical knowledge to make informed decisions with their subfloors allowing them to move forward with confidence.”

Stowell has detailed four key priorities for Schönox:

  • the expansion of the Schönox practice of giving hands-on technical support in the field
  • providing training where ever Schönox customers are
  • ensuring that the linkage between Schönox R&D and projects in the field is clear and free flowing
  • keeping technical information accessible to any who need it

“Schönox is a subfloor company with a research and development team that is working on product solutions every day,” explains Stowell. “Keeping information about those solutions flowing to flooring professionals is paramount in our work.”

“In the short time that David has been with us at Schönox, he has added energy and focus to our technical efforts helping Schönox customers to see the links between product knowledge and project success,” explains Thomas Trissl, principal, HPS Schönox. “With David and the entire Schönox team’s help, we are helping Schönox customers to grow their businesses and tackle subfloor challenges.”

Stowell joined Schönox in late 2016 after meeting Thomas Trissl and discussing Thomas’ vision for how Schönox could enhance a flooring project. “I was really intrigued by the entrepreneurial spirit I saw evidenced and wanted to be a part of the company,” comments Stowell. “The quality of the Schönox products is there; our job is to provide the technical support and product knowledge to support the use of the products.”

Prior to joining Schönox, Stowell managed the development and implementation of technical support platforms for a range of flooring products with national level brands across the U.S. “David’s varied experiences from the high level with technical strategy and communication down to the project level where technical support is translated into project success are already having impacts on our business,” explains Doug Young, executive vice president, HPS Schönox. “Our technical support platforms are in alignment with our growth goals and in line to support the success of our customers.”

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