Icynene Conducts Testing of its Spray Foam in Unvented Attics

Comprehensive testing by spray foam insulation manufacturer Icynene, in collaboration with the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), has confirmed that its Icynene Classic Max spray foam product is a safe and economical option for builders and homeowners looking to protect their homes from attic fires spreading.

Icynene collaborated with the ICC-ES and an ICC-ES endorsed fire consultant to conduct a series of computer modeling and End Use Configuration testing to determine the performance of the spray foam in an unvented attic in a real-life fire scenario. The test results confirm that Icynene Classic Max helps smother the fire in less than a minute.

With approximately 10,000 attic fires occurring annually causing an estimated $477 million in damage, Icynene’s proactive approach to End Use Configuration testing has been commended by experts in the fire industry.

“True to our commitment in delivering top quality spray foam products, we wanted to go beyond the standard testing methodology and develop a series of tests that truly represented the performance of real-life attic fires. Existing tests only offers a limited point of reference, so it was important for us to consider a broader array of factors such as unlimited oxygen supply and venting, flame growth and the truer geometry of an attic,” says Icynene VP Engineering, Paul Duffy.

“No other spray foam insulation product has been as extensively tested as Icynene Classic Max. Unvented attics insulated with Icynene Classic Max spray foam have a distinct advantage over traditionally insulated vented attics when exposed to fire. It is this advantage that will help protect homeowners from being devastated by a runaway attic fire,” Duffy adds.

Icynene Classic Max is an open-cell, light density spray foam insulation product that simplifies unvented attic design in that it does not require an additional ignition barrier thereby allowing builders to save time and money in residential construction projects.

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