Illuminate Building Façades

U.S. Architectural Lighting has introduced the Tsunami Wall Mount, an outdoor luminaire that can be used as an uplight or downlight. The Wall Mount is a companion fixture to the company’s pole-mounted Tsunami area light.

The Tsunami Wall Mount has a range of light distribution patterns, including Type II, III and IV, in addition to unique wall glazing optics. The fixture is designed to illuminate building façades and increase perimeter safety along public driveways, sidewalks and loading docks. Its unique, wall-grazing optics are designed to produce theatrical night grazing effects and highlights around windows, cornices, reliefs, columns, moldings and surface textures.

LED and HID optics are available in the downlight configuration and satisfy dark sky requirements. Tsunami features U.S. Architectural Lighting’s VLED system, a self-contained LED module that is completely sealed from the elements to meet an IP67 rating. It is offered in neutral white (4100K) and cool white (5300K) versions.

The fixture is 15-inches wide by 15-inches deep in the LED configuration and 15.63-inches wide by 16.5-inches deep in the HID configuration. It is manufactured from heavy wall low copper cast aluminum and has integral cooling fins surrounding the electrical compartment to create texture and form. The polyester powder coat finish is baked at 400° for maximum hardness and durability. Standard textured finishes include black, white, gray, dark bronze and green. Non-standard finishes can also be supplied.

All U.S. Architectural Lighting products are entirely manufactured in the U.S. to ensure consistent quality, ready inventory and timely shipping. The company has served the electrical industry for more than 25 years.


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